5 Reasons Why Lube Makes Sex Better

Wet Warming Gel LubricantSome women experience vaginal dryness for various reasons due to which sex turns painful. It could be age, or menopause, even certain illness or surgery that could rob you of your natural lubrication. But that’s no reason to stop having sex. Using a few drops of lube can create wonders for your sesh in bed – whether alone or with a partner. Lube makes you wetter and the sex so much better. There are various types of lubes that are available in the market for you to choose from and investing in one can do wonders for your sex life.

When it comes to sex, wetter is always better. It helps you to try out a new activity, pushes your horizons and also makes sex last longer. If you are still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why a bottle of lube should find a permanent place on your nightstand.

Smoother Navigation

Even if you do not have an issue with natural lubrication, a few drops of lube can make the entire session much more smooth and easy. Whether you’re masturbating or are with a partner, using a good water based lube makes penetration easier.

Better Orgasms

Researches on how many women orgasm during sex threw up some pretty gloomy data. There are about 38% women who have never had an orgasm. While orgasm depends on how much you are turned on and the amount of foreplay, it also depends on whether you have received enough stimulation from penetration. Lube can smoothen things up and make orgasms feel better.

Couple having sexMore Satisfaction

Women who use lube experience higher levels of satisfaction than women who have never used lube. Using lube allows him to thrust more and at varying speeds, which brings more satisfaction. It also helps with that extra layer of stimulation, making sex much more enjoyable.

 Variation in Sex

Lube helps you expand the horizons of your sexual encounters with your partner, and lets you explore more. Whether you are trying out a new position, a recently acquired sex toy, or are toying with the idea of anal sex, lube will make things easier for you.

Better Oral Sex

There are various kinds of flavored lubes available at stores – both online and brick and mortar ones. Pick a flavor that you like and get on with that blow job thing you promised your man. Flavored lubes reduce friction and make oral jobs more enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver.

P.S. Lube makes your sessions last LONGER!

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